When to use 0 MOA and when to use 20 MOA

Scope Base 0 MOA vs 20 MOA

When looking for a new scope base for your favorite rifle it is important to understand the differences between the two options. First off, MOA stands for Minute of Angle and is a commonly used unit of measurement when speaking about shooting. One MOA is equivalent to about 1 inch at 100 yards.

When looking to purchase a scope base, take into account how far you plan to be shooting. If you are aiming (pun intended) for ranges between 0 and 500 yards the 0 MOA base should be adequate for your needs. For longer distances beyond 500 yards a 20 MOA base maybe necessary to help give you the extra elevation.

These are recommendations and will depend on your scope of course so be sure to check the manual to understand your amount of adjustability. Caliber is also an important factor in determining the amount of elevation needed for longer distances.

A 20MOA scope base is canted downward toward the muzzle of the gun essentially providing the scope with more elevation adjustment by starting it at a lower point.

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