Why You Should Consider Pyramid Sights

Sighting systems for handguns have remained relatively unchanged for decades. The act of aligning a front sight post with a rear notch works for many people and after a lot of practice and training can be very fast and accurate. With that you may wonder what a pyramid could offer over the three dots, two dots, or even no dot system.

The Pyramid Sight capitalizes on humans’ instinct to create straight lines. Our brains and eyes are wired to see patterns, make patterns, and identify straight lines. That is why camouflage is important to the military, it helps blur and break up outlines that are easily identifiable by human eyes. The Pyramid Sight takes geometric shapes and incorporates them into handgun sighting systems that are fast, accurate, and highly customizable to suit the specific user.

Pyramid Sights go beyond the standard green or red and give the shooter five different front and read sight colors to choose from. Make those colors perfect for your eyes as you line them up for a simple sight picture.

Accurate shooting is easier with Pyramid Sights too. Using the tip of the pyramid you no longer must cover your target with a large front sight post or dot. This gives the shooter more visibility of the target and what is around it. This is all without sacrificing speed.

So, if you have found that three dots or a dot and a notch simply doesn’t give you the speed, accuracy, or field of view you are looking for then the Pyramid Sights could be exactly what your handgun needs. The numerous color options plus the Firefly Glow kit lets you choose what you see and match it to what your eyes see best! Check out all of the Pyramid Sight options here.

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