Picatinny Rail Compatibility Chart

Use the Rail Compatibility Chart below to find the right rail attachment for your firearm:

Firearm Make and Model(s)

0 MOA Rails


20 MOA Rails

Browing A-Bolt Long ActionOTL-BRNL-PCAT01 OTL-BRNL20-PCAT01
Howa 1500 & 1700 Short ActionOTL-HWAS-PCAT02 OTL-HWAS20-PCAT02
Howa 1500 & 1700 Long ActionOTL-HWAL-PCAT01 OTL-HWAL20-PCAT01
Remington 700 Short ActionOTL-REMS-PCAT02 OTL-REMS20-PCAT02
Remington 700 Long ActionOTL-REML-PCAT01 OTL-REML20-PCAT01
Ruger 10/22OTL-RGR-PCAT02 N/A
Ruger American Rifle Short ActionOTL-RGRS-PCAT02 OTL-RGRS20-PACT02
Ruger American Rifle Long ActionOTL-RGRL-PCAT01 OTLRGRL20PCAT01
Savage Short Action Accu-Trigger (Round Receiver): 10,11,12,14,16OTL-SAVS-PCAT02 OTL-SAVS20-PCAT02
Savage Long Action Accu-Trigger (Round Receiver): 110,111,112,114,116OTL-SAVL-PCAT01 OTL-SAVL20-PCAT01
Weatherby Vangard Short ActionOTL-HWAS-PCAT02 OTL-HWAS20-PCAT02
Weatherby Vangard Long ActionOTL-HWAL-PCAT01 OTL-HWAL20-PCAT01