ATS Pyramid Sight System for COSUB


ATS Pyramid Sight System for COSUB


Looking for a sight system that effortlessly provides sight picture and can be customized to all of your demanding specifications? Presenting, The ATS Pyramid Sight system for the COSUB by OuterImpact.


OuterImpact Pyramid Sight for COSUB kits are designed for speed, precision, and clarity of sight picture.

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The ATS Pyramid Sight System for a COSUB is designed for speed, precision, and clarity of sight picture. Our COSUB sight is appropriate for picatinny style rail mount co-witnessing. The COSUB sight is appropriate as a primary sight, as well as co-witness and back-up sight.

This unique pyramid sighting system covers up only the smallest possible portion of your target. The sight is simple to align, naturally intuitive, and smooth; providing pin point accuracy. The OuterImpact Pyramid Sight system for COSUB is completely customizable to create your preferred contrast. Windage and elevation adjustment make these the most accurate sights you will ever use.

Pyramid Sight System Elevation Modification Instructions:

The amount of needed shim will vary depending on the firearm, caliber, load, and particular barrel and/or rail.  Start with one .015″ (pink) shim then add additional shims as necessary. Each increment of .002″ to .0025” of elevation shim will affect bullet impact by approximately 1″ at 25 yards.


  • COSUB mount, clamps, and rear sight
  • 5 differently colored front sights
  • 5 differently colored rear sight inserts
  • Front and rear sight set screws & hex keys
  • .044″ of elevation shim
    • 2 – .015″ (pink)
    • 1 – .008″ (clear)
    • 1 – .004″ (tan)
    • 1 – .002″ (red)

Pyramid Installation Instructions


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