Know Why Torque Settings Are So Important

We get the question about torque specifications almost every day. We wanted to make a list of our suggested torque specifications for our Modular Red Dot Adapters and Picatinny Bases and give you a few tips that will make for a smooth installation.

First, let’s talk about thread lockers. Thread locker is a compound that will help keep your screws in place when subjected to recoil and other types of abuse. When it comes to thread locker, less is more. You do not want to coat the whole screw; one to two drops are ideal. Degreasing the screw will also help with thread locker adhering. We generally recommend using medium strength (blue color) thread locker for installation.

Here are some helpful specifications for OuterImpact ®products:

  • For all of our Picatinny rails we specify a torque of 25 inch-pounds
  • For Modular Red Dot Adapters (M.R.A.) and Micro Red Dot Sight Adapters

o   M.R.A. to the Dovetail mount is 25 inch-pounds

o   Optic to the M.R.A. is 12 inch-pounds

  • *Exceptions to the above is Sig Sauer Optics ready pistols

o   M.R.A. to the slide is 15 inch-pounds

Torque specifications are very important when installing accessories to a firearm for safety and for a product lifespan. We recommend that customers use the proper tools when installing our products. We have found the Wheeler Fat Wrench to be an excellent tool when it comes to measuring torque during installation. There are also several other highly rated torque wrenches available.

Whatever tool you decide to use, be sure you are being safe and pay attention. Our accessories are built in the U.S.A. to the highest quality standards and when installed correctly should last a lifetime. If you ever have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].  You can read more of our red dot series here.

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