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Our rails do not need a recoil lug because we use taper headed screws. With the taper headed screws, unlike flat head screws, it locks the rail in place, making the recoil lug redundant.

With a 20 MOA base, it pre-sets the angle of the scope at 20 MOA instead of 0. This equates to a 20- inch shift at 100 yards for your rifle scope. It allows you to have more travel within your rifle scope to shoot longer distances due to the 20 MOA being built into the base.

We have four holes in the mount to give our customers options for placement of the alignment pins. The mount can be aligned easily and accurately with the two pins provided and the alignment pin’s only function is to assist with the initial install. The pins do not provide any structural purpose after installation and we recommend placing them in the holes that are farthest from the mounting screws. Some of our customers still prefer to have four pins, and if you would like, they are available on our website, which you can find by following the link below.

Our mount does not require or accommodate a sealing plate. If you are concerned about water, you could put set screws in all of the unused screw holes and then apply a sealant to those screws so water doesn’t get in. We haven’t had any complaints about water issues, but if you are located in a very wet area, we can understand your concern

This is usually because of several manufacturing tolerances stacking on top of one another. You have the tolerance of the barrel which can be on the high or low side, then the manufacturing tolerances of our mount which could be on the high or low side, as well as the tolerances for the actual red dot itself. All of these variations can add up enough that it may cause problems giving you enough adjustment. We suggest shimming the red dot itself with a tapered shim (found on Amazon or another retailer) just a little bit to see if that gets you enough.

If the point of impact is too low: Use a tapered shim with the thicker end in the back. It will raise the back of red dot up and move the front down which will bring the POI up.

If the point of impact is too high: Use a tapered shim but have the thicker end in front and thinner side in back, lowering the POI.

We are “sort of” compatible with the Romeo 1. It will line up with our M3 pattern and you can use the screws at the link below to mount it, BUT, you cannot utilize the alignment pins that come in our kit and the screws are not self-aligning which translates to a bit more difficult initial install. Once it is installed, you should not have any issues. Follow the link to the Romeo 1 screws should you decide to purchase the adapter.

Shipping & Checkout

At Outerimpact our preferred method for Domestic Shipping is USPS.

United States Postal Service
Domestic Shipping Options:

First Class Mail: Average arrival time is 2 – 4 days.
Priority Mail: Average arrival time is 1 – 3 days

Priority Mail Shipping Times

Priority Mail Shipping Time

*Items ordered usually leave our warehouse, in Boise ID, within 1-2 business days of order*

Yes, We Ship Internationally.
The countries we ship to are:

– Australia

– Austria

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– France

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– Luxembourg

– Mexico

– Monaco

– Netherlands

– New Zealand

– Norway

– Philippines

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– Puerto Rico

– Romania

– Russia

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– Spain

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– Vatican

If you do not see your country listed, please Click HERE to request we add your county to our International Shipping List.

For International Shipping we use:
United States Postal Service

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Product Requests

At OuterImpact we are continuing to pursue new product creations. We rely on our customer base to provide input into the next products we produce.

Please fill out a Product Request form if you would like to have input in our future products.

*A note about Custom “one-off” product request. We do not build custom products for a few reasons:

  • It is cost prohibitive for us to create “one” of any of our products
  • We would have to pass the cost onto the customer, which would be entirely too expensive. – think, hundreds of dollars

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