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Dark Diamond Sight System for Walther – Standard Kit


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Dark Diamond  The Walther Dark Diamond Sight System

  • Unparalleled speed acquiring the target with an iron sight system.
  • Maximum target visibility
  • Dark Diamond delivers a simple and smooth sight picture
  • Naturally intuitive front and rear sight alignment
  • Elevation adjustable front sight
  • Fits:
    • PPQ


The Walther Dark Diamond Sights system by OuterImpact uses the same fast target acquisition technology from the proven Pyramid sights system, but adds the dark diamond shape, making it better suited to low light scenarios.

The polymer front sight of the Walther Dark Diamond sights are visible day or night and gives the shooter an excellent point of reference at probable engagement distances, allowing for the quickest shots on target. Aligning the diamond with the rear sight gives pin point accuracy at distant objectives, while striving to cover up the smallest portion of the target possible.

The Dark Diamond by OuterImpact features steel front and steel rear sight bases along with our tested polymer Firefly front sight insert in Coral, Yellow and Aqua. Giving the user the choice best suited to their natural eye preference.


  • Dark Diamond Rear Sight
  • 3 Firefly Front Inserts (Aqua, Coral, Yellow)
  • Steel Front Sight Base & Screws
  • Steel Rear Sight Base & Screws
  • Screw Tools
  • Hex Keys
  • .029″ of elevation shims
    • 1 – .015″ (pink)
    • 1 – .008″ (clear)
    • 1 – .004″ (tan)
    • 1 – .002? (red)

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Elevation modification instructions:

Start with one .015″ (pink) shim then add additional shims as necessary. Each increment of .002″ to .0025″ of elevation shim will influence bullet impact by approximately 1″ at 25 yards.

Professional installation not required.

Dark Diamond Installation Instructions


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