Easy Explanation: How To Co-Witness Using Red Dot Sights And Mounts

Introduction: The Concept of Co-Witnessing

Co-witnessing in red dot sights and mounts is an essential concept that enhances accuracy and precision in aiming. Let’s dive into what that means and how the OuterImpact adjustable co-witnessing red dot mount optimizes sight alignment: All OuterImpact mounts are precision machined from aircraft grade 7075 aluminum and backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Adjustable Co-Witness Mount

1. Understanding Co-Witnessing

Overview: Co-witnessing involves aligning iron sights with a mounted red dot sight for enhanced accuracy.


  • Absolute Co-Witness: Iron sights and the red dot sight’s reticle are aligned at the same height.
  • Lower 1/3 Co-Witness: The red dot sight sits slightly higher than iron sights for a clearer field of view.

2. Importance of Co-Witnessing

Overview: Ensures consistent aiming between the red dot sight and iron sights.


  • Enhanced Accuracy: Alignment between iron sights and the red dot sight aids in precise aiming.
  • Redundancy and Reliability: Co-witnessing offers redundancy if the red dot sight fails, allowing shooters to rely on iron sights.

3. OuterImpact Adjustable Co-Witnessing Red Dot Mount

Overview: The OuterImpact mount allows customizable co-witnessing for optimal shooting experience.


  • Adjustable Height: Offers flexibility in aligning the red dot sight with iron sights.
  • Secure and Precise: Machined for stability, ensuring consistent alignment and accuracy.

4. Co-Witnessing Installation

Overview: Installing co-witnessing red dot mounts requires proper alignment.


  • Mount Attachment: Securely attach the red dot sight to the mount.
  • Alignment Adjustment: Adjust the mount’s height to achieve the desired co-witnessing alignment.

5. Conclusion: Leveraging Co-Witnessing for Precision

Co-witnessing in red dot sights and mounts ensures consistent accuracy and reliability in shooting scenarios. Understanding the concept and utilizing the OuterImpact adjustable co-witnessing red dot mount enables shooters to optimize their aiming precision and shooting performance.

Adjustable Co-Witness Mount

This guide provides insights into co-witnessing in red dot sights and mounts, emphasizing the importance of alignment for accuracy and the benefits of utilizing the OuterImpact adjustable co-witnessing red dot mount for enhanced shooting precision. You can read more of our red dot series here.

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