If A Red Dot Is Not For You, Then Our Pyramid Sights Are A Great Option

We have outlined reasons why you should consider a red dot for your pistols but maybe they just aren’t for you. It could be an astigmatism, a general distrust of anything electronic, or just a plain old you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. If this is you, we would encourage you to check out our new line of iron sights from Advantage Tactical Sights (ATS).

These sights are obviously different from traditional three dot sights or even two dot sights and give the shooter a better field of view of the target because of the simple “tip of the sight” aiming point.  This pinpoint system is even more user friendly because of the color combinations that are user created.

A recent study showed that many seniors had deteriorating color detection with age, specifically in the blue-yellow spectrum. This may make some sights difficult to see in all lighting conditions. The ATS Pyramid sights allow you to change to whatever color you can see best or just prefer making them ideal for aging eyes that still have the right to defend themselves and their loved ones.

The other benefit to these sights is the ease at aligning the Pyramid. These larger straight lines are easier to see under stress than small dots and more efficient at alignment when taking a more accurate shot, particularly at a distance.

The color combinations, precision aiming, and better alignment make these sights an ideal choice for those that do not want to make the red dot switch but demand more accuracy and faster target acquisition.

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