Simple Reasons Why You Should Buy OuterImpact

Who is Outerimpact?

We are a small family owned business with a passion for building excellent gun parts.  Our top priority is building a high quality product that is competitively priced.

That’s why we, Outerimpact, are different than the rest! The focus of our company is to squeeze every ounce of efficiency out of the manufacturing process. What does that mean to you as our customer?

It means you will receive not only a product made solely in the USA, but you will be guaranteed an end product that has been fine tuned with hours of quality workmanship. In the end, you’re receiving a product that is less expensive and has better value.  Not only are you not spending extra money on fancy packaging, as well as hardware you’re actually paying for that you don’t need, you’re also benefiting from the hours of fine tuning the manufacturing of each part which equals better value and less expensive end product.

Why are the products we sell less expensive than the competitors?

  • We sell directly to the customer
  • We don’t waste your money on fancy packaging
  • Our products are made in our facility in the USA, they’re not outsourced
  • We have years of experience in manufacturing, which equals highly efficient methods of producing our products
  • Our company is small, thus our overhead is far less


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5 thoughts on “Simple Reasons Why You Should Buy OuterImpact”

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    1. Hi there,
      The correct rails for a Post 1964 Model 70 in 300 Win Mag (long action) can be found here:
      0 MOA:
      We are able to ship to Turkey and you will probably want to use UPS as USPS can take quite a while to get there. The rifle needs to be a Post 1964 Model 70, that is important to confirm. Let us know if you have more questions.

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